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Silicone emulsion of BRB Sempure 1814

Silicone emulsion of BRB Sempure 1814
  • Silicone emulsion of BRB Sempure 1814
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Country of manufacture:Netherlands

BRB Sempure 1814 IT represents a rektsionnosposobny not ionic silicone emulsion - a terminal siloxane. Content of active agent - is not lower than 60%.


  • Compatibility with a large number of binding.
  • It is developed for processing of mineral and glass wool for the purpose of decrease in water absorption.
  • Is suitable for processing of perlite and vermiculite.
  • Working capacity in the wide temperature range.


  • It is especially effective at the increased temperatures.
  • It is universal in application, does not demand changes in production process.
  • Good water resistance.
  • Effectively works even at low concentration.

Typical spheres of use:

  • Production of mineral wool.
  • Production of glass and mineral fibers.
  • Gidrofobizator for mineral surfaces.

Instruction for application:

BRB Sempure 1814 can be entered just before binding or at the same time. When using with pitches, the emulsion is previously parted or used in pure form. BRB Sempure 1814 is compatible to phenolic pitches and therefore they can be mixed before application.

The recommended norm of input: 1 part of an emulsion on 100 parts of the general compounding. The emulsion is effective even at low concentration and well works at input of 0,2% of the general structure.

The emulsion maintains temperature processing. At the same time time of manifestation hydrophobic svoyst decreases, and firmness increases.

Conditions and period of storage:

In case of storage at a temperature at 35 OS or lower temperatures in the original not unpacked container the product has the guaranteed period of storage of 12 months (of date of production).


The product is delivered in 200 and 50 kg barrels, 10 and 20 kg canisters, 10 kg buckets.

Safety measures at the robot with a product:

Before use of a product it is necessary to study attentively with the map of safety on a product which you can receive at supplier of products.

Country producer Netherlands
Additional characteristics
Appearance Uniform white liquid
Content of active agent, % 60
Type of the emulgiruyeshchy agent Not ionic
Density at 25C, g/ml 1
Viscosity at 25C, mm2 / with 1000
rn 6
Solvent Water
Country of manufacture:Netherlands
Information is up-to-date: 11.03.2019
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