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Silicone for the BISIL MM 4 forms

Silicone for the BISIL MM 4 forms
  • Silicone for the BISIL MM 4 forms
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Country of manufacture:Italy

BISIL MM 4 - two-component

silicone for forms of condensation polymerization. High hardness (38 Blinders A). Magnificent combination price/quality!

Main properties:

  • High resistance on razdir.
  • High specification when copying.
  • Easy decontamination.
  • Good stability of the sizes.
  • Good chemical resistance to pitches (polyair, polyurethane, epoxides).

Application and hardening:

Process of hardening begins right after introduction of the catalyst. For normal conditions of temperature and humidity, the characteristic of hardening are given below. If the product contacts to aggressive chemistry, such as styrene - polyester pitches or epoxides, it is recommended that BISIL MM 4 was cured 48 hours prior to use. Usually as the catalyst BISIL MMCAT1 is applied to BISIL MM 4.


Mix 100 masses. parts of BISIL MM4 and 5 masses. parts of BISIL MMCAT 1 in suitable plastic or metal capacity. The volume of capacity has to allow bystry increase in volume of mix during initial decontamination after mixing with the catalyst.

Carefully mix 2 components avoiding excessive capture of air with use of dye for homogenization marking. During hashing several times scrape off material from capacity walls. In order to avoid formation of bubbles in the stiffened rubber, it is recommended to carry out deaeration of liquid rubber by faltering pumping out within several minutes.

Health and safety:

The material safety data sheet is provided on demand.

Country producer Italy
Additional characteristics
Not cured product .
Color White
Appearance Viscous liquid
Viscosity 37 000 mpa*s
Viscosity with the catalyst 37 000 mpa*s
Jellification time 70 minutes
Dredging time from a form (at least) 6,5-8 hours
The cured elastomer (after 7 days of hardening at 23 +/-2 °C and otn.vlazhn. 65%) .
Durability on stretching 4,86 MPa
Lengthening at a gap 348%
The module at 100% a tension 1,26 MPa
Tensile strength 25,00 KN/m
Hardness 38 ° Blinders A
Carries. density 1.12
Linear shrinkage  
Country of manufacture:Italy
Information is up-to-date: 11.03.2019
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